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Rental Policies:

  1. All rentals require a minimum 50% deposit.  Penny Lane reserves the right to request a higher deposit on large orders or at its discretion.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. The order must be paid in full before product leaves Penny Lane on the day of pickup.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. A valid credit card must be placed on file at time of order.
  4. Penny Lane recommends initially booking the maximum quantity of items you may require.  Penny Lane offers no guarantees regarding additional availability of items past the date of the initial order.  You may reduce the quantity of items you have rented up until 22 days before your event date without penalty.
  5. All numbers are considered final as of 21 calendar days before the date of event.  All adjustments to quantities are the full responsibility of the Customer.  Any reduction made less than 21 calendar days before the event date will be considered a cancellation.
  6. Cancellation Policy
    1. Cancellation 60 or more days prior to event is eligible for a full refund.
    2. Cancellation less than 60 days but more than 21 days prior to event date is eligible for a rental exchange only, subject to availability.  No refund available.
    3. No refunds or exchanges on cancellations/reductions less than 21 days prior to the event date.
  7. You may have someone else pick up and return your rental order on your behalf. If you choose to do so, you agree that the person signing the pickup/drop-off document is an authorized representative for you and you continue to take full responsibility of all rental items and any costs due to damage or loss upon return.
  8. All open-bed trucks must secure all items with a tarp.  If you do not have an adequate tarp, you may request one from Penny Lane.  If the tarp is not returned you will be charged a replacement fee.
  9. Failure to return items on time will result in a $50/day late fee being charged to the credit card on account.
  10. Candle wax must be removed from all items.  Failure to comply will result in a cleaning/replacement charge to the credit card on account.
  11. If during setup a problem is discovered with regards to the quantity or quality of the rental items, Penny Lane must be informed immediately via phone at (306) 382-5505.  If the call is placed after hours a voice mail must be left.  Penny Lane cannot make changes to the order once the date of event has passed.  Penny Lane is not responsible for resolving issues or concerns reported past the event date when no chance at resolution is possible.
  12. All rentals are verified and inspected prior to pickup.  All breakage/damage to items must be declared during drop-off.  Replacement costs will vary based upon the item and the nature of the damage.  Replacement/repair charges will be charged to the credit card on account.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All rental products remain the property of Penny Lane Wedding Store at all times when in the possession of the Customer.
  2. All items are ready for pickup the business day before the event, and are due back the business day after the event.  Items are to be picked up at Penny Lane Wedding Store, located at #15 – 1724 Quebec Avenue, Saskatoon SK S7K 1V9
    1. Some Examples
      1. For weddings taking place on a Saturday, the items are ready for pickup at 9:00 AM the Friday before, and due back by 4:00 PM the following Monday
      2. For weddings taking place on a Friday, the items are ready for pickup at 9:00 AM the Thursday before, and due back by 4:00 PM the following Saturday
      3. For weddings on a long weekend with a holiday Monday, the items are ready for pickup at 9:00 AM the Friday before, and due back by 4:00 PM the following Tuesday
  3. If you require an earlier pickup date, please contact Penny Lane.  Early pickup is dependent upon the availability of items based upon rentals from the week prior.  There is a $25/day early pickup fee associated with this service.
  4. Penny Lane reserves the right to reclaim these items at any time at its sole discretion if there is reason to believe these items are being willfully damaged or used in an unsafe manner.
  5. Penny Lane is not responsible for verifying accuracy of measurements regarding rental items.  The customer assumes full responsibility to ensure the items selected are the appropriate size, shape, fit, etc. for their intended use.
  6. Client acknowledges that the items being rented have been previously used and occasionally there may be small signs of normal repeated use.  Penny Lane takes every effort to ensure all items are clean, sanitized and properly prepared for use.
  7. Penny Lane is not responsible for any personal injury or property damage that may occur as a result of using any of the items rented.  Liability rests entirely with the customer.  We encourage proper safety measures at all times when dealing with candles, electricity, or glassware.

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